Garnier Ultimate Blends – Best of January

I have a monthly favorites video featuring my top 5 for this month but this post right here is all about the absolute best of the best product not just in January because I have loved and used this specific range for over 2 years! Since it’s so good and I have almost finished both containers in January, it is this range that I want to talk about today.DSC00128

The Garnier ultimate blends range is such a nice range offering so many products, everyone will be able to find what they need. This strength restorer Honey Treasures with royal jelly not only improved the strength and texture of my hair, but my hair doesn’t get so oily like it normally does when using other shampoos…Oh and the smell is absolutely amazing, and the fragrance lasts a really long time in my hair too. My hair is silky soft and smooth and so shiny after I have used this. After I use the shampoo I will go in with the mask, now they do also have conditioner and other hair products in this line which I can’t wait to try, but as for these two right here I can truly say, it’s amazing.

And last but not least, this is from the drugstore making is so affordable even though it compares with some really high end hair products.

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Lovies mwah!

My favorite perfumes of 2017

Perfume, who doesn’t love that right? In this post I am sharing with you my most loved perfumes I used and got in 2017. Now these aren’t my absolute favorite perfumes, I’ll have a post on that coming soon, but these are the ones I reached for the most in my collection during 2017, excluding my all time favorite perfume… I really feel that this post has something for everyone since I have such a big variety of tastes / likes in perfumes.

I really adore expensive perfumes, if it smells good, I mean in perfume quality is what you pay for, but I also really appreciate “drugstore” perfumes especially since I am young, trying to save most of my money… The more affordable drugstore perfumes are nice for every day, well not everyday literally, but you know what I mean… I like to save my more expensive perfumes for special occasions, meetings, date nights, sometimes for church, you know things like that. Anyways let’s get into these perfumes:

dsc00059.jpgNo.1  (James Bond) 007 for women: I have been wanting this and begging for this for so long, from the very first time I’ve seen it… And finally my boyfriend got this for me as part of my 21st birthday present 2017. It’s definitely a fragrance that I would wear more during autumn and winter as it is a warmer scent, but every now and then during the summer and spring months I still reach for this. Now I am not the best to describe the notes but I have read up on this online for all the fragrances mentioned today and I totally agree. It is a spicy vanilla fragrance with black pepper top notes, Jasmine as the heart of it with black vanilla husk as the base. A really nice perfume if you are into the more spicy warm fragrances… It lasts well on my skin too.

dsc00003.jpgNo.2 White Satin – Yardley: This perfume, from the drugstore, is such a nice everyday scent. I have been using the body spray for years, and have had this perfume few years ago too. When my Boyfriend got me this for Christmas 2017 I was thrilled because to me this is a classic that always works! To me this is definitely a more powdery, clean scent, hence why I say that it is nice for everyday. This fragrance doesn’t last that long on my skin, but that’s to be expected in drugstore perfumes. Nevertheless, I still like it a lot and don’t mind putting on more, because it is a lot more affordable than some of my other perfumes. It is very feminine, definitely a hint of musk, floral sweetness with a touch of citrus freshness.

dsc000381.jpgNo.3 Vanderbijlt: Gloria Vanderbijlt for women: As you can see this perfume was very well loved in 2017. It lasted a really long time, I got it in 2016 and now in 2018 I still have a bit left, but during 2017 I really fell in love with this one more and more each time I would wear it.  This perfume has such an elegant and classic appearance and the fragrance definitely lives up to the packaging. This perfume is light and fresh with notes of bergamot, pineapple and neroli. The heart of it is classic and floral composed of jasmine, orange blossom, ylang-ylang and rose. The base of it contains notes such as cinnamon, musk, sandalwood and vanilla. Although a bit spicy this perfume is also lite and floral.

dsc00047.jpgNo.4 Essence: Lights of oriënt: I decided to add this one as a sort of a bonus fragrance since it’s not really an actual perfume and it’s in a plastic bottle. I just really like the smell of this and it was one of the really unique launches in 2017 from essence. Now before I go on with this one I just have to mention that I will only wear this to a special event because it has gold shimmer in it and can be a bit sticky. But on the right time and place that fine gold shimmers can really add a touch of elegance… The is a really nice fragrance with summery floral scents and a hint of spicy notes. It also wears really nice with a bikini strolling around at the beach!

Although these were my 2017 favorites, I will continue to wear them in 2018. And with all that said, I really hope you enjoyed this post and give these fragrances a try! Feel free to share with me your favorite perfumes.


Inspiring Bible verses & promises 2018

So first of all I just have to say, I know we can’t always just isolate one or two verses from the Bible, we have to read everything in context. With that said there are still verses and promises that is so inspiring and if at any time of the year you need some inspiration and more faith please refer not only to this post but to your Bible and read, pray and meditate on God’s word.

I have a post all on my favorite quotes for 2018 and while that is often very motivating, nothing can beat God’s word and His promises because what He speaks is true!

b1We are not guaranteed to be free from troubles, pain and sorrows, but we are most definitely guaranteed that we are not alone, no matter what, you are never alone and therefore holding onto God’s word not only in hard times but in good times as well, in my opinion, is surely the key to a happy and healthy life. Praise Him even in the most difficult times.

b2You see fear is not from God and no matter how hard it is, I have to constantly remind myself that I should not fear, but speaking God’s word into my life and over situations has changed my approach toward difficult situations completely. And know, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have fear, but does help me to focus more on God and trust Him no matter the situation because He knows best! I am not in control, He is.

b5If you are dealing with anxiety in any way, please remember this, such a short and easy verse to remember but so powerful! He loves us so much more than we can ever imagine!

Now you see I could actually quote the whole Bible because this book of life has no set few verses that we should keep close to our heart, we should keep all of it, believe it, pray it and speak it. With that being said I do want to leave you today with one last one, really short but so important especially in the world we life in today…b4

My favorite quotes for 2018

So instead of creating a list with a bunch of quotes, which I actually will if I don’t control myself because I have so many favorite quotes, I have decided to share with you only a few that really inspires me for this year. I will also be sharing with you why I picked them.

q2Albert Einstein once said, “Strive not to be a success, but rather of value” and oh my did this stick in my head for this year! You see the time and place where I find myself in life now, it can be so easy to fall in the mindset of being successful. Now yes I do want to be successful but I have come to the conclusion that being of value, whether it is in someone’s time of need or in your work space or just in life already enables you to be more successful. I mean how can you be a success in the long term if you are not of value anyways? If we focus more on people and relationships success will follow… In this point in my life I am still building a career for myself and personally I have many interests and also many jobs so I can very easily feel like I’m getting nowhere, but I have found that in my head I am constantly reminded of this quote going into this year.

q1This next quote seems to have an unknown author, but regardless this one is so incredibly true and inspiring every time I want to do something and I really just don’t feel capable of it… “one day or day one, you decide.” I mean how straight forward and true is that!  Whenever you feel like doing something especially something for your life, career etc. please keep this quote in mind because I know even in my life I find myself always speaking of a dream of mine as “one day when…” and actually that one day will never came if we don’t start now… So no more one days and more day ones, unless it’s something you really need more time for…

q3And lastly, like I have said I have so many quotes I love but I really wanted to narrow it down, “if it costs you your peace, it’s too expensive” – unknown. This is so relevant in all the aspects of our lives and I think it’s important to keep this one in mind. Life is so short and I have learned that we really don’t need toxic people and toxic situations in our lives, it’s best avoiding it where possible. And if you find yourself in a situation where it is unavoidable, please pray to gain the strength to get through it!

And that my lovelies is where I leave you, remember so much can happen in a year so don’t ever give up!

The art of planning your outfits for vacation

I’m sure most of you would agree that on holiday the most important things are maximum fun and relaxation, and to add outfits into that mix may seem like a little too much… But what if I tell you that planning an outfit, which is way easier than you think, should be one of your main tasks before going on holiday…


You see, the best memories are made while having the most fun, and I think its also safe to say that the most photos are taking while on holiday, which leads me right to my point. How many of us have rejected taking a photo on holiday just because of how we look or the outfit we are wearing? Now don’t get me wrong this is by no means about the physical image, but most of the time an old t-shirt and shorts is what fills up our bags.

Planning your outfit in advance not only makes packing easier but also helps you to feel good and makes it easier in the morning on holiday to get dressed. Planning what outfit you want to wear where and to what activity or location can also ensure some awesome photos… Even if you aren’t into the whole photo and social media thing, I think most of you would agree that a nice photo of you and your loved ones captured in an awesome moment is a keeper.


As you can see in this photo taken on Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa, my outfit, which is nothing special and very basic, matches the environment pretty well. Now I have never been on Table Mountain before and I surely did not spend hours researching how it  looks but I just thought… high up on a mountain, cloudy or clear skies, flowers or not, what colors would look really nice with such a scene, especially in photos? And a light denim with a nice light blue top and grey sandals is what I decided on, now at first taking photos the overlay of fabric on my top blew all over the place and I thought there goes my insta-ready travel photos, but as you can see it creates such nice movement into these photos.


So, in a nut shell what I mean is when you just put a little thought into your outfit and your surroundings you will most probably like you photos a whole lot more… A quick tip: wear plain/  neutral colors if you’re not sure what to wear because they always work!

And with all that being said, I hope you have a lovely day, and remember, you don’t have to have expensive clothes or a lot of clothes to look and feel good… Mwah*