The art of planning your outfits for vacation

I’m sure most of you would agree that on holiday the most important things are maximum fun and relaxation, and to add outfits into that mix may seem like a little too much… But what if I tell you that planning an outfit, which is way easier than you think, should be one of your main tasks before going on holiday…


You see, the best memories are made while having the most fun, and I think its also safe to say that the most photos are taking while on holiday, which leads me right to my point. How many of us have rejected taking a photo on holiday just because of how we look or the outfit we are wearing? Now don’t get me wrong this is by no means about the physical image, but most of the time an old t-shirt and shorts is what fills up our bags.

Planning your outfit in advance not only makes packing easier but also helps you to feel good and makes it easier in the morning on holiday to get dressed. Planning what outfit you want to wear where and to what activity or location can also ensure some awesome photos… Even if you aren’t into the whole photo and social media thing, I think most of you would agree that a nice photo of you and your loved ones captured in an awesome moment is a keeper.


As you can see in this photo taken on Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa, my outfit, which is nothing special and very basic, matches the environment pretty well. Now I have never been on Table Mountain before and I surely did not spend hours researching how it  looks but I just thought… high up on a mountain, cloudy or clear skies, flowers or not, what colors would look really nice with such a scene, especially in photos? And a light denim with a nice light blue top and grey sandals is what I decided on, now at first taking photos the overlay of fabric on my top blew all over the place and I thought there goes my insta-ready travel photos, but as you can see it creates such nice movement into these photos.


So, in a nut shell what I mean is when you just put a little thought into your outfit and your surroundings you will most probably like you photos a whole lot more… A quick tip: wear plain/  neutral colors if you’re not sure what to wear because they always work!

And with all that being said, I hope you have a lovely day, and remember, you don’t have to have expensive clothes or a lot of clothes to look and feel good… Mwah*



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