Inspiring Bible verses & promises 2018

So first of all I just have to say, I know we can’t always just isolate one or two verses from the Bible, we have to read everything in context. With that said there are still verses and promises that is so inspiring and if at any time of the year you need some inspiration and more faith please refer not only to this post but to your Bible and read, pray and meditate on God’s word.

I have a post all on my favorite quotes for 2018 and while that is often very motivating, nothing can beat God’s word and His promises because what He speaks is true!

b1We are not guaranteed to be free from troubles, pain and sorrows, but we are most definitely guaranteed that we are not alone, no matter what, you are never alone and therefore holding onto God’s word not only in hard times but in good times as well, in my opinion, is surely the key to a happy and healthy life. Praise Him even in the most difficult times.

b2You see fear is not from God and no matter how hard it is, I have to constantly remind myself that I should not fear, but speaking God’s word into my life and over situations has changed my approach toward difficult situations completely. And know, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have fear, but does help me to focus more on God and trust Him no matter the situation because He knows best! I am not in control, He is.

b5If you are dealing with anxiety in any way, please remember this, such a short and easy verse to remember but so powerful! He loves us so much more than we can ever imagine!

Now you see I could actually quote the whole Bible because this book of life has no set few verses that we should keep close to our heart, we should keep all of it, believe it, pray it and speak it. With that being said I do want to leave you today with one last one, really short but so important especially in the world we life in today…b4

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