Style Diary: Spring inspired

I wish it could be spring again, but yeah here in South Africa it’s currently Autumn, so before the cold strikes I had to wear this easy and cute outfit one last time! This light pastel floral dress reminds me so much of spring and it’s so easy to style.

DSC00279This outfit can be dressed up or down making it perfect for a casual summer day or even more up style for work or even church.

So breaking the outfit down I’m starting with my dress, a light peachy pink dress with white and green floral detail. The back section of the dress is a very delicate lace which is so pretty but if you don’t want to wear a sticky bra you will have to wear a white tank top underneath like I did which is still very beautiful and probably more appropriate for work.

The lace detail is so subtle yet it adds a nice elegant touch to the whole look. Since it adds a bit of interest to the back you really don’t have to do much with your hair, but I mean you could…And oh before I forget, this dress is from Pick ‘n Pay Clothing if you were wondering…

I also like that way it sinks in at the waist just a tiny bit for a more flattering look.

DSC00307For accessories I added a small cream handbag with gold detailing. I decided to go for a more plain handbag since the dress is busy, and a smaller bag fits just right with this dainty, girly outfit. I got this handbag from Shoe City, but honestly this is such a common style I’m sure you can find something quite similar almost anywhere.

DSC00309I added this gold plated ring from Honey jewelry with a white flower made from a seashell, a flower ring emphasizes the floral girly style perfectly.

DSC00316For my necklace I added this gold and blush pink statement necklace from Lovisa which adds so much flair to this light pastel dress.DSC00315

For my bracelet I would actually have loved to add a floral bracelet similar to my necklace and earring but I can’t seem to find one in the right colour anywhere, so I chose this gold tree of life bangle in my collection, also from Lovisa.dsc00286.jpg

My earrings, to no surprise, also from Lovisa, and they are just gorgeous and perfect for this outfit.dsc00325.jpg

DSC00332For shoes, these nude wedges from cotton on, they are a bit loose on my skinny, flat feet ha-ha, but still really comfy and the perfect height…

Overall I think this is a really sweet girly look and so effortless and easy to put together.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, don’t forget to follow my blog and feel free to leave me a comment so we can chat 😉



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