Bh Cosmetics: Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition palette review

Ever since her first collaboration with Bh cosmetics, I wanted her palette so badly, but the fear of ordering makeup from overseas stopped me from getting it… Then the deluxe edition was released and I wanted it even more! So eventually I decided to take a chance and order it and I am so so happy that I did!


This palette is so affordable and so highly pigmented it almost seems too good to be true! I love the shade range in this palette enabling one to create so many versatile looks, and the highlighters which won’t all be your shade, performs beautifully as eyeshadows. So whether one is too light or too dark as a highlight or bronzer, just use them on the eyes and you’re good to go.

I don’t experience a lot of kick back / cake up as some would say with these shadows and I have to mention that they are pretty long lasting! Some of the shades appears almost as a duo chrome looking pink for instance but when you turn and the light falls on it differently it suddenly becomes gold!

The texture of these shadows are really creamy and smooth and as you can see by the swatches they are pretty consistent in pigmentation. I also like that you get quite a few transition shades to go with the other shades in the palette. Like I said these colours are so versatile and perfect for day or night! I find it to be a really good balance between matt and shimmer shades, and the matt shades works on their own too, not just as crease or transition shades…


I would highly recommend this palette and you can’t beat the price and it also comes with a really decent size mirror. This has become one of my favorite palettes! Please remember that this is a limited edition so if you are interested in one and if it’s still available by the time you are reading this, I would highly recommend you go and get yourself one! And lastly the packaging is just absolutely stunning and although it is cardboard packaging I just love this palette!

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Garnier Ultimate Blends – Best of January

I have a monthly favorites video featuring my top 5 for this month but this post right here is all about the absolute best of the best product not just in January because I have loved and used this specific range for over 2 years! Since it’s so good and I have almost finished both containers in January, it is this range that I want to talk about today.DSC00128

The Garnier ultimate blends range is such a nice range offering so many products, everyone will be able to find what they need. This strength restorer Honey Treasures with royal jelly not only improved the strength and texture of my hair, but my hair doesn’t get so oily like it normally does when using other shampoos…Oh and the smell is absolutely amazing, and the fragrance lasts a really long time in my hair too. My hair is silky soft and smooth and so shiny after I have used this. After I use the shampoo I will go in with the mask, now they do also have conditioner and other hair products in this line which I can’t wait to try, but as for these two right here I can truly say, it’s amazing.

And last but not least, this is from the drugstore making is so affordable even though it compares with some really high end hair products.

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Lovies mwah!

My favorite perfumes of 2017

Perfume, who doesn’t love that right? In this post I am sharing with you my most loved perfumes I used and got in 2017. Now these aren’t my absolute favorite perfumes, I’ll have a post on that coming soon, but these are the ones I reached for the most in my collection during 2017, excluding my all time favorite perfume… I really feel that this post has something for everyone since I have such a big variety of tastes / likes in perfumes.

I really adore expensive perfumes, if it smells good, I mean in perfume quality is what you pay for, but I also really appreciate “drugstore” perfumes especially since I am young, trying to save most of my money… The more affordable drugstore perfumes are nice for every day, well not everyday literally, but you know what I mean… I like to save my more expensive perfumes for special occasions, meetings, date nights, sometimes for church, you know things like that. Anyways let’s get into these perfumes:

dsc00059.jpgNo.1  (James Bond) 007 for women: I have been wanting this and begging for this for so long, from the very first time I’ve seen it… And finally my boyfriend got this for me as part of my 21st birthday present 2017. It’s definitely a fragrance that I would wear more during autumn and winter as it is a warmer scent, but every now and then during the summer and spring months I still reach for this. Now I am not the best to describe the notes but I have read up on this online for all the fragrances mentioned today and I totally agree. It is a spicy vanilla fragrance with black pepper top notes, Jasmine as the heart of it with black vanilla husk as the base. A really nice perfume if you are into the more spicy warm fragrances… It lasts well on my skin too.

dsc00003.jpgNo.2 White Satin – Yardley: This perfume, from the drugstore, is such a nice everyday scent. I have been using the body spray for years, and have had this perfume few years ago too. When my Boyfriend got me this for Christmas 2017 I was thrilled because to me this is a classic that always works! To me this is definitely a more powdery, clean scent, hence why I say that it is nice for everyday. This fragrance doesn’t last that long on my skin, but that’s to be expected in drugstore perfumes. Nevertheless, I still like it a lot and don’t mind putting on more, because it is a lot more affordable than some of my other perfumes. It is very feminine, definitely a hint of musk, floral sweetness with a touch of citrus freshness.

dsc000381.jpgNo.3 Vanderbijlt: Gloria Vanderbijlt for women: As you can see this perfume was very well loved in 2017. It lasted a really long time, I got it in 2016 and now in 2018 I still have a bit left, but during 2017 I really fell in love with this one more and more each time I would wear it.  This perfume has such an elegant and classic appearance and the fragrance definitely lives up to the packaging. This perfume is light and fresh with notes of bergamot, pineapple and neroli. The heart of it is classic and floral composed of jasmine, orange blossom, ylang-ylang and rose. The base of it contains notes such as cinnamon, musk, sandalwood and vanilla. Although a bit spicy this perfume is also lite and floral.

dsc00047.jpgNo.4 Essence: Lights of oriënt: I decided to add this one as a sort of a bonus fragrance since it’s not really an actual perfume and it’s in a plastic bottle. I just really like the smell of this and it was one of the really unique launches in 2017 from essence. Now before I go on with this one I just have to mention that I will only wear this to a special event because it has gold shimmer in it and can be a bit sticky. But on the right time and place that fine gold shimmers can really add a touch of elegance… The is a really nice fragrance with summery floral scents and a hint of spicy notes. It also wears really nice with a bikini strolling around at the beach!

Although these were my 2017 favorites, I will continue to wear them in 2018. And with all that said, I really hope you enjoyed this post and give these fragrances a try! Feel free to share with me your favorite perfumes.


Oh my gosh! Gosh Eye shadow palette review

So…GOSH Copenhagen cosmetics made its way into my heart! I got this GOSH To enjoy in New York makeup palette as a gift and I was so excited to try it, especially since I have never tried anything from this company before. I also did not own a purple shaded palette before…exciting!

LRM_EXPORT_20170424_151828Now my favorite looks are mostly natural, pastel, pink and gold shades, but I have to admit on some days these darker purple shades in a smokey look can really make my day. And not to worry, if you aren’t into the whole smokey, sultry look, this palette can definitely still give you a soft girly daytime look.

This palette comes with nine shades ranging from light white and nude colors, to purples and browns. The packaging is plastic but it really feels strong and one of the best features for me is that it comes with a mirror on the inside, the same size as the palette. This palette is also really small and the size combined with the mirror makes it perfect for traveling.

I really see myself reaching for this more in the Autumn/Fall and Winter seasons because of the color range. Okay, with all that said, we can get down to business, the part you are really interested in…the shadows, their textures and all that fun stuff!LRM_EXPORT_20170424_153346

On swatching these shadows, the texture of all of the shadows are really smooth and creamy, not quite so buttery as some other brands, but luckily not so chalky as some brands, definitely creamy. The pigmentation are also quite good from all the shadows, some a bit better than others but overall the color payoff is nice and pigmented. If you are wondering about the lasting power of these shadows on the lids, I would say that they are pretty good, you can definitely create a look with this that you can wear all day.

I really like this palette and can not wait to try more cosmetics from GOSH Copenhagen.

My final thoughts on this palette…oh my GOSH 😉

lrm_export_20171013_165705.jpgPs: For the tutorial on this look using this palette head over to my youtube channel!

With love, TheBlondeAngel